Plaque Ordering Guide

Photo Engraving

The engraving process consists of processing a photograph, either digital or print that has been scanned, through a series of photographic editing computer programs and turning it into a high contrast black and white picture. The picture is then sent to the laser where it is engraved into marble using a laser beam 3 thousands of an inch in diameter. The process is very similar in action to an ink jet printer however instead of shooting out ink, the laser shoots out a beam that evaporates a tiny spot of the engraving surface.

Photo Tips

When it comes to photo engraving, the quality of the image greatly determines the quality of the engraving. Most images will engrave with enough detail but if you want a higher quality Pengraving, obtaining a high-quality photo. You might see if the Bride and Groom can send you their wedding photo after the event as it is appropriate to give gifts up to a year after the wedding. For best results:
  • The subject should be in sharp focus and the image should be at least 1mb in size. (Right click>properties to find the size 1mb = 1,000kb)
  • If scanning, paper photos, they should be scanned at the highest resolution of the scanner (at least 250 dpi). Some places such as Office Depot charge very little for scanning photos.
  • If it is a photo from Facebook, try to find the original photo. (Look in the Pictures folder on your computer). If the photo is from a cell phone, see if there is a HD (High Definition) version of it on the phone.

    Photo enhancement

    We will work with your photo to achieve the best possible engraving. Basic photo editing/enhancement and format conversion is included in the price listed. However more extensive editing is available for an additional charge. Please request a quote for additional editing. Examples of additional editing include: Background removal or blurring - item removal – portrait retouching, etc.


      Once we receive your order a proof will be sent to your email address. (The proof is not the engraving, it is an image so you can view and approve the layout). Standard orders will receive a proof with 5-7 business days. Please be sure to check your email after placing your orders to approve the proof. If you have questions, please email us at or call us at (417) 501-9517. 

      Order Instructions

      Note: Once we receive your order, we will prep the photo and send a proof to your email for approval. Please watch your email and respond as soon as possible so we can finish your order.

      1. Choose Format

      2. Enter Text (helpful tips on wording) 

        1. Wedding or anniversary plaque should include the first names of the couple.
        2. A wedding plaque should include the wedding date.
        3. An anniversary plaque should state which anniversary (such as “25th Anniversary”).
        4. If you desire, you may include a marriage blessing, wedding poem, or Bible verse.
        5. Remember, the more text you have the smaller your photo will be.

      3. Choose your font. 

      **Be sure to watch your email for the proof we will send and approve as soon as possible.